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Sanvan TURF Club

Savan Turf Club is viewed as "A Source of Income to the Society of Income to the Society"

Savan Turf Club is viewed as a relatively palatable form of revenue generation, compared to traditional tax increases

SEconomic development

Combat illegal gambling

Construction activity offers only short-term (12-18 months) economic benefits including a brief increase in output, income, and employment in the country.

Once the construction is completed, those impacts disappear. are in fact very limited.The choice of career or employment

The past year was again a gloomy year as racing continued its downturn that started in 1997 when the economic crisis began. The average attendance per race day four years ago was 24,000. This has now dwindled to around 13,000 whilst the betting turnover has dropped from an average of Baht 131 million to approximately Baht 70 million.Baht 131 million to approximately Baht 70 million.
The main factors causing the decline were the high tax levied by the government, couple with the economic crisis from which Thailand has yet to fully recover. The two racecourses in Bangkok are required to pay a gambling tax at the rate of 10%, compared to 5% for provincial racecourses. Currently the RBSC deducts 22.54% from the combined total of win and place pools, pays government taxes of 17.64% leaving a balance of 4.90% to the Club before expenses.